Road Runner Escapades

OK, so I had a couple of days vacation to “use or lose” this week so I decided it was high time to clean out the garage and attempt to start the Road Runner after several years of no activity with it. I had to get a new battery (the 7 year warranty ran out last year). I planned to change the oil / filter and prime the engine by spinning the oil pump. I was going to take my chances on the old gas in the tank to see if she would light up then try to run it out driving around so I could put fresh gas in later.

I decided to start the whole process by checking fluids. I popped the hood and saw a strange sticky gooey paste leaking around the thermostat housing. I reached over to check it out and “snap” the housing broke in half! This was a chrome job with Robert Shaw thermostat. Pictures attached. Weird deal. Now I have to gather up parts to repair everything. Local ‘zone, O’Reilly, etc do not carry a 160F thermostat or chrome housing so I guess it’s internet time!

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