Road Runner Resurrection Part 1

After an exhaustive search on the ‘Net I found the best overall price for a new thermostat and chrome housing at Summit Racing. Ordered on Sunday night, shipped confirmed on Tuesday, and in my hands by Thursday well before the upcoming weekend Hot Rod work day! I went with a Milidon 160F thermostat and a Proform chrome water neck with gasket and new bolts in the kit…


  1. robert heap says:

    Ok, I made it here. The blog link email was titled “” so it went to spam, nothing even remotely making me think it was yours.

    So, this last update was July 9, nothing since?

    The H2O protion of your antifreeze must have evaporated over the years leaving the green ooze. The radiator might be a block of ooze? what’s inside?

  2. dazanone says:

    My question also, how does the inside of the radiator look?

  3. timw says:

    You guys are correct…I had to reaplce the upper rad hose as it was full of gunk. Peering through the rad top tank didn’t llok too bad inside and the balance of the antifreeze looked normal as I drained the rad for repairs. I’m hoping some flush will make it all OK for now knowing the stock radiator has never really worked for me since moving to Texas due to high summer ambient temps mixed with high humidity.

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