Final Radiator Flush

The starter installation project was stalled last week as I pooped out late Saturday night waiting for the radiator to cool down for final flush. Well, this weekend my energy was back and I was able to complete the task. Going against my long standing belief to avoid additives of any kind to any vehicle system, I took the advice of the local O’Reilly counterman and added Gunk’s Liquid Kool to my fresh refill of Peak Long Life 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze. He said he used it in his vintage ‘Vette among other project cars and since I need every Fahrenheit of temp reduction that can be found I bought into his sales pitch. I tested this new blend of Gunk and Peak with an extended driveway idle session where the Autometer bounced between 195F and 205F for 30 minutes. While not thrilled with these results they are far better than I was experiencing the last time I drove the car when the Runner stayed on the brink of boil over at 240F during my cruise in the local Lions Club parade. Satisfied for now, I recorded a short video in hopes of letting all of you hear the weee-weee-weee of my new Denso starter in action (as opposed to the waaa-waaa-waaa of the old starter)…enjoy!


  1. Bob says:

    Doesn’t sound too chrysler. Not sure what it sounds like. Doesn’t sound bad.

  2. Bob says:

    I put someting similar in the charger Griffin radiator originally. There was nothing to compare it to, but I assumed it added to the lower temps.

  3. timw says:

    I agree the new starter loses the vintage Chrysler sound but I am really liking the way it spins the huge 440 up especially when hot. I noticed 440Source (the famous $899 per pair fully assembled aluminum cylinders head guys) show the exact same Denso starter as their high torque offering…

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