Truck Oil Change

For grins and in between mowing the lawn early Saturday morning and working on the Road Runner, Brian and I changed the oil in my red GMC Sierra 5.3L crew cab low rider truck. OE specs call for 5W30 but I ran across this synthetic Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0W30 oil at Walmart. Buying the syn’s in bulk 5 quart container instead of 5 one quart bottles saves a bunch of cash and made it worth trying. We married this new oil with a Fram filter. I’ll let you know if I notice any fuel savings…


  1. dan says:

    Tim, how long have you been running the truck on conventional 5w30 oil? Do you have any concerns about switching to the synthetic midstream?

  2. timw says:

    I have been using 5W30 since truck was new until now at 63K miles. The 0W30 states exceeds 5W30 warranty requirements so I am trusting it is OK. I have had very good experience with synthetics especially Mobil 1 every since using it to set records at Bonneville back in the late 80’s where we used it for engine, trans, and wheel bearings…

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