Dodge Dakota Stalling

Have a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport with the 3.9L V-6 and a manual trans. Problem: the truck stalls (engine dies) every time I come to a stop. It will start right back up like nothing is wrong and runs great all the rest of the time, but at the next stop, it will stall again. In addition, the speedometer stopped working below 40 MPH recently and, for the longest time the “ABS” and the “Brakes” warning lights have been on. Oh, and the “Check Engine” light comes on after a few minutes of driving.

Well I did a little research and found that a lot of Dakota owners were having similar symptons. I finally found someone who said he had the answer. The “ABS Speed Sensor” or it’s connecting wires were bad. The Speed Sensor is located on the top of the rear axle above the ring gear housing…

The wiring harness looked fine so I bought a new Speed Sensor for around $30. The first thing I did was disconnect the battery, then I removed the 1/2″ nut holding the brakeline bracket to the Sensor’s hold down bolt. Once the brakelines are moved up and out of the way, I could access the 9/16″ bolt holding the sensor. Once the bolt is removed, the metal shield comes off and the sensor slides right out. The connector can then be unplugged from the sensor.

I checked to be sure the mounting hole on the new sensor lined up with the bolt hole in the housing , replaced the metal shield and inserted the hold down bolt and tightened her up. I also made sure that the brakeline bracket got re-attached and threaded the nut down until tight.

Well, after re-connecting the battery, I fired it up and went on a drive. All previuos issues were gone. The truck didn’t die at stops, the speedo worked perfectly, and all warning lights were off. Amazing what 1 little sensor can do!


  1. timw says:

    Excellent post! Excellent results! When I saw that you used a Borg Warner (BWD) part I realized one of our “sister” SMP (Standard Motor Products) division provides this part. See link below and put in your application info:

  2. DanZ says:

    Love those BWD parts!

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