Road Runner Rises!

Leaking Thermostat Housing
Cruised to Jack-in-the-Box for Lunch

Keller, TX – Inspired by the Mustang start up last week, I got up early before the peak of the daily Texas heat and readied the Road Runner for state inspection…it passed!  I drove a few laps around town, had Jason drive it for his first time when he got off work, jumped on it and achieved a nice “chirp” between 1st and 2nd like the good old days, and brought it home to cool down.  Popping the hood revealed the thermostat housing was leaking again – for those of you who follow this blog you know I had this issue when firing up the Runner from a long hiatus a couple of years ago.  I bought a brand new chrome housing and thermostat at that time and wouldn’t you know it leaks again.  More to come on this issue as I tear it down next weekend for repair…

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