Time Flies !!! Mustang is Running Again…

Keller, TX – Last Saturday Brian and I changed the mechanical fuel pump in the Mustang.  We tracked the problem down after attempting to start the darn thing last summer and getting nowhere!  This year, we conducted some diagnostics and had high confidence the pump was kaput.  Sure enough, a shot of ether and boom!  The old 289 fired up and ran.  We quickly checked the horn, lights, tire pressure, and registration then headed off for state inspection which it passed!  Hard to believe it’s been 7 years since this little coupe has legally been on the road when Jason used it as a daily driver…next step, tune up as it is running very rough.  Brian got a chance to drive it for the first time – the non-synchro 1st gear, 3 speed truck tranny Ford put in this thing in 1966 was quite a difference from his modern day 6 speed Camaro trans!

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