COTA Grand Am Race 2013

COTA Austin Texas

Austin, TX – Awesome racing at the new road course in Austin at “Circuit of the Americas” or COTA.  Last year they had a F1 race there and it was a great success.  This event was Grand Am…I was very impressed with the various classes of race cars (from modified stock to factory prototypes) and the COTA facilities which are FIRST CLASS.  Watching several classes race TOGETHER on the track at the same time makes for some VERY interesting passes in traffic…this whole event reminds of what NASCAR used to beexciting!  Take a look at these pics and download some for your desktop background:

COTA Grand Am

PS:  COTA is located on a new tollway…speed limit is 80 MPH!!!


  1. toniwgt says:

    Great pictures. Looks like a fun weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    gotta love it!

  3. jaw says:

    i love it!

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