Google Plans Production of Autonomous Car


Like it or not, the future is fast coming at us!  The next logical step in personal transportation is poised for production as Google makes plans to manufacture a self-guided vehicle sans steering wheel and pedals according to Forbes!  Google has been testing self-guided vehicle technology in California for years and has even been called upon to help write legislation that will govern autonomous vehicle operation and safety in the future.  Ever wonder why millions of us are helping Google Maps become more accurate each time we use it?  We have been setting the groundwork for this next new advancement in vehicle control and Google aims to take advantage of the enormous data banks they have accumulated for every inch of road in America.  Detroit needs to get in this game in a big way or Google will dominate this new space quickly…

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  1. Charlotte says:

    No thank you. Do not want.

  2. timwgt says:

    why not? just think, you could read facebook on your iPhone while it drives you around town!

  3. Toni says:

    We could make cute little faces on it’s front end. But I want to drive.

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