Tesla Open Patents on Their Electric Vehicle Tech


In case you didn’t realize, your tax dollars have pumped billions into the Tesla and Fisker car manufacturing companies in order to advance the state of the art in feasible electric vehicles.  Fisker has lost it all but Tesla used the bucks wisely and has successfully launched profitable vehicles (albeit high end cars – cheaper versions are in the works).  Now, Tesla is sharing their electric technology with other car manufacturers.  While this seems magnanimous and in the best interest of the world’s environment (supposedly), how do you feel about our dollars ending up in foreign company hands?  Shouldn’t the technology be SOLD to other interested parties or at least used under a royalty agreement so that the proceeds could go back in our government coffers?  Perhaps this is a sort of “Google ploy” where Tesla technology gets embedded in other cars so that they MUST BUY their batteries from Tesla’s future new battery US plant (in planning stages now)…comments anyone?

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