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Burbank – Thought I would try a unique way to tell the story of RHE’s latest projects:

1) 1968 Dodge Charger Front-End Rebuild –> Correct Steering / Tire Alignment Geometry Due to Worn Bushings and Ball Joints

2) 5.9L Engine Core Tear Down for a 1970 Plymouth Scamp –> Replaces Current Stock 318 cu in Engine with Mild Build-up of Modern Truck Engine Core (approx. 360 cu in)

3) 8 3/4″ Rear End Rebuild for a 1973 Dodge Charger –> Replaces Stock 8 1/4″ and Provides Better Rear Tire Clearance with Shorter Overall Length of Replacement Housing

Here is the conversation that took place via iPhone over a couple of weekend days…

68 Charger Front End RebuildCan you see the k member yet? Is it damaged?

Not damaged pass side, just wiped out lower control arm bushing. Haven’t got drivers side out yet. Know in a bit on that one…..

K. I would be interest to know if you find a problem. Hopefully not! Hopefully just old bushings are the issues

Drivers arm out. It was just the lower control arm bushings. No k member damage. No weld breakage. Still have the A arms, upper ball joints & drag link to disassemble.

Wow. That’s great. It’s hard to believe the bushings being worn could cause the wheels to be so far out of alignment…they must have been bad!

Pretty sloppy. Half the bushing was basically gone both sides…

Yeah. Makes sense.

68 Charger Front End Rebuild



I won, ball joint lost. Now own a 1 59/64’s Ball Joint socket……that and a 2 foot pipe on my breaker bar busted it loose!    Hot today

Bob bitchin’ does it again! Glad to see it apart…



68 Charger Front End Rebuild



Socket also makes the perfect tool to seat the grease boot….


Pesky pitman arm is my next battle. Nut came off. Arm will not…. Will try to rig some kinda puller… Nothing’s easy.

Too many years since front end was last disassembled. Heck we were probably teenagers! Go eat lunch before your processor shuts down!




68 Charger Front End Rebuild





Race Shop Status. Suspension Done.






5.9L Teardown





Taylor tore down the 5.9L. I dropped it off at the machine shop last week.




1973 Charger Rear End Rebuild




Started working on Alex’s 8.75
rear from the polara.








Got it tore down. Will have new axle bearings, carrier, & pinion bearings pressed this week.

New wheel studs too on axles.






1973 Charger Rear End Rebuild


This weekend will set up the 3:91’s & Auburn posi, new brake lines, brakes & drums.

The polara is rear is 1 inch narrower than the existing 8.25 rear in the charger.

Should tuck tires better, tires should still clear the leafs. Might have to grind off the spring perches & weld on new ones for proper location.

Couple weekends work.

Very nice! Have you driven your charger yet with the tightened suspension?

Nope, no time….I just work on them, I don’t actually drive the customers cars….lol

Haha. That’s funny.


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