Attention Gamers! Toyota Reveals FT-1 Sports Concepts

The Toyota FT-1…revealed in early 2014 as one of the most radical concept sports cars in recent memory has recently trumped itself with a second FT-1 sporting an all-new grapToyota FT1 Concept Carhite paint job and leather interior. This latest concept car helps Toyota lay the ground work for release of an even more extreme FT-1 that according to Toyota “exists in virtual form only (as) the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo. Both the graphite FT-1 concept car and the FT-1 Vision GT will be available next month to race in Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. The Vision GT is an ultra high performance race car that imagines what the FT-1 could do if it were purposed for all-out track warfare. Like previous Vision Gran Turismo cars from other auto marques, the FT-1 Vision GT also shows how much fun car design can be when restrictions like financial constraints and real-world practicality are completely lifted” meaning that without the bean counters, car manufacturers would design and produce some pretty cool sports cars (albeit would likely not make any money)!

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