Formula E Race Cars

Formula EOK hard core race fans.  Wrap your head around this new series: Formula E.  That’s right, an open wheel race car series powered by (drum roll)…a battery.  As with ICE (internal combustion engines), the fastest way to gain public acceptance of a new technology like fuel injection over carburetor, turbo charger over naturally aspirated, V6 over V8, etc is to showcase the new technology in racing.  As has been proven numerous times in the past, the use of new technology in racing leads to public acceptance in production vehicles.  So, move over Prius, Volt, Spark, and all you other econo box electric cars – high performance e-cars are coming to town.  We need more than just a high buck Tesla sports e-car to represent this class…we need a Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang type, affordably priced sports e-car and the popularity (hopefully) of the new Formula E series should help the working man get in on the e-car hot rod action in the future.  Formula E is meant to get us all to think outside the box!

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