Toyota Gambles on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Coming soon (estimated April 2015) is Toyota’s next step into the world of alternative fuel vehicles.  This time and according to Toyota’s internet site, “it is a vehicle equipped with a “Fuel Cell” that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to power the motor driving the vehicle. Hydrogen, which replaces gasoline as fuel, is an environment-friendly energy source…”. While this type of cell is most toytoa fcv_step3likely the best long-term solution to alternative fuel vehicles (as of now, the cheapest raw materials and conversion process once hardware prices come down through production volumes and technology advances; and, reduced heat over internal combustion engines while spewing only a trickle of water as exhaust), it will be interesting how the “big T” will overcome public perception that hydrogen in currently synonymous with the H-bomb! Do you want to sit on this while you drive?

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