Gigafactory – Tesla’s Battery Factory in the US?

Manufacturing in the US?  Haven’t we been told it is no longer feasible to “make stuff” in the US due to greedy union wages, high property taxes, environmental protection laws, untrained workforce in high-tech, and deteriorating national transportation infrastructure? Well, don’t tell Tesla who has built an assembly plant in the US (Fremont CA – some would say “old news” as most foreign car manufacturers have proven they can profitably assemble cars in the US with foreign supplied parts) who has decided to build one of its major vehicle components in the US – the lithium battery. Several states are in the running for this new plant which promises to create hundreds of jobs not only supplying high-tech batteries for Tesla’s own use in their vehicles but to other car manufacturers through key supply agreements. This plant will be a BIG deal for whichever state can land it. Tesla is looking at sites in either Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas with California running a distant fifth for its regulatory red tape and business unfriendly atmosphere. Currently, the lead apparently belongs to Texas with Tesla considering a plant near Dallas, for a clean sweep of CEO/founder Elon Musk’s new projects (Space X and Lithium batteries).  Pay attention, this resurgence in US factories could lead to non-retail / food service jobs for your kids in the future…


Tesla Waiting-for-the-Gigafactory_03


Waiting for the Gigafactory – ASME.


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  1. timwgt says:

    Looks like Nevada won out and landed this factory – congrats!

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