Dodge RAM Fuel Pump

Note to self: Proactively replace the fuel pump around 175,000 miles on a Dodge RAM to avoid a 100F R&R after losing power on the Foothill Freeway in rush hour traffic. This is what Bob, owner of RHEnterprises in Burbank CA told me recently as he hefted out a FULL fuel tank from under his RAM when the darn pump went out at 192,000 miles in Glendale on the way home from work!!  Luckily, the planned trip to trailor a car out to the Riverside Show N Go over the weekend got scrapped just days before the pump went south or the repair would have be exacted on the shoulder of the 91 Freeway!


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  1. r. heap says:

    …its like having a publicist ! or 1 of them tweeker or tweeter accounts, or whatever them youngens call it … Thanks

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