Road Runner Passes Inspection!

 After repair of the leaky thermostat housing yesterday, today was spent topping off fluids, airing up tires, cleaning windows, and checking lights, turn signals, wipers, and horn (beep beep works!). A little idle adjustment and the Bird was on the road to Valvoline Service Center for the annual state vehicle inspection. It passed with no issues!  The real shock was that for some reason the inspection cost went down from the usual $39 to only $7!  This price reduction corresponds to Texas’ first year of combining the registration and inspection stickers of the past into one consolidated unit. It opens up front window real estate and saves the state millions in admin costs. Win win!

To celebrate the victory, we drove up to Roanoke, dining capital of TX, for some T&A (Tacos & Avocados…a restaurant that is). Mucho fun!


  1. ToniW says:

    It was great fun!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice.

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