Updating to a Modern Overdrive Part 2

What would be the point of upgrading your lethargic stock 904 to a modern 518 overdrive unit if a beef up and rebuild were not conducted? NO POINT! So, in Part 2 the 518 gets worked over. 

  1. Tear down and cleanup. Inspect parts and make parts list.
  2. Get new components for any bad parts, new bearings, hipo billet servos ( 518 has a couple plastic), hipo bands & clutches, shift kit, and vacuum controls to solenoid for overdrive & new converter lock up.
  3. Add deep sump pan and button it all up.
  4. Show off completed unit by curling it 100 times!!! It’s ready to install…


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  1. r. heap says:

    Nice. Who’s that old geezer ?….. must be the help.

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