Rapid Transit Tour

Taking a little vaca in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and while parking my ole ride and hunting for some good eats at the famous Applewood Farmhouse, ran into an Elephant herd of Mopars. Many had Hemi’s both old and new with a smattering of big block RB and small block LA mills. What’s really amazing is that this group of like-minded Mopar lovers hailing from around the country joined together to hit the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals in PA earlier this month then hauled off together for an impromptu cross-country tour. Some from New York, others from New Jersey, and even those as far away as Montana. The chase vehicle driver from the Mopar Maniacs Car Club informed that the group named their excursion the “Rapid Transit Tour” (see their custom designed window sticker). Super cool was one of the cars was driven by an 80 year old guy who loved his Hemi particularly when it was out on the open road cruisin’.

And yes, these classic cars can still be driven reliably across the countryside running side by side with their cousin late model iron!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Robert H. Like a migrating heard. Must have been cool to see!

  2. timwgt says:

    Was VERY awesome to see that far out in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains!

  3. We all had a wonderful time on the Rapid Transit Tour getting to experience and appreciate the countryside, and the Smoky Mountains were a special event. Getting to meet so many new people was great, and all the local people were so nice about our group taking 45 minutes at each fuel stop.

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