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Charger Waiting in the Wings

73 Charger w/ Body Work In Process

Burbank, CA – RHEntreprises continues its trek to put not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Mopars on the road by Route 66 Rendezvous.  These are some photos of today’s work on the 73 Charger with the beautiful blue spark plug wires going a recently rebuilt potent big block wedge engine…more on this build up as it progresses!  NOTE:  As I find older photos of some of the other RHE vehicles I will attempt to post them posthumously…

Big Block Wedge
Gorgeous Blue Spark Plug Wires

RH Enterprises Announces Latest Project Car

Feb 14, 2011 Burbank, CA – RH Enterprises  (RHE) announced its latest project car today by giving readers special insight into the planning process.  Pictured right is the target concept 1973 Dodge Charger which when completed will include a 440 big block engine, 727 automatic trans, and traditional RH Enterprises red exterior with black accents.
Says RHE founder “With the package deal from the guy in Lancaster, I have a 73 440 and 727 out of a motor home. The car has an 8 1/4 diff, but the deal came with a complete 8 3/4 with 2.76 gears out of a Polara.   We have the seats, hood, glass. No drive shaft.  It was A/C equipped car, so it can one day be retro’d with a modern A/C kit.  It has 71 R/T rear tail lights and we’re working a deal with the seller to get the 71 grille inserts…This 73 is a California car. No rust.  It’s had rear end/ quarter panel  damage and horrible bondo fill back there, but the seller included a 1/8th rear car section from some other 71-74 that I can resection-graft into this one.  I figure, blacked out steel stock rims on as wide a tire as possible, one of of my old isky milder cams, my old cast iron 69 heads & torker, one of old rebuilt holleys, save up for some 3:55’s,  a fiberglass scoop (maybe another 65 Cornet style; no epilets to fill in this hood)…end up with 305’s on 17teens in the back.  Probably a year’s work to get it driven”.
RHE shared the original newspaper ad that caught their attention:  1973 Charger Excellent project car with many parts accumulated. Power windows – including opera windows, rally dash, original big block car, complete 73′ 440 and 727 out of motor home. 72′ grills and R/T rear bumper with inserts. Hood, front and rear glass (sides are good), 8-3/4 rear end, complete bucket seats (with buddy), and tail panel. Clear title, registered non-op. 
These photos help us understand the project starting point – nice raw material!

Stay tuned for progress reports as RHE works on this ride over the next year or so…perhaps ready for Route 66 Rendevous in San Bernardino by 2012 ??
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