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Rapid Transit Tour

Taking a little vaca in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and while parking my ole ride and hunting for some good eats at the famous Applewood Farmhouse, ran into an Elephant herd of Mopars. Many had Hemi’s both old and new with a smattering of big block RB and small block LA mills. What’s really amazing is that this group of like-minded Mopar lovers hailing from around the country joined together to hit the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals in PA earlier this month then hauled off together for an impromptu cross-country tour. Some from New York, others from New Jersey, and even those as far away as Montana. The chase vehicle driver from the Mopar Maniacs Car Club informed that the group named their excursion the “Rapid Transit Tour” (see their custom designed window sticker). Super cool was one of the cars was driven by an 80 year old guy who loved his Hemi particularly when it was out on the open road cruisin’.

And yes, these classic cars can still be driven reliably across the countryside running side by side with their cousin late model iron!


Donked Jeep

Traveling down I20 in Arlington TX when my eyes whipped into a double take on this donked Jeep! 

Do you love it or hate it? Is this an affront to the Jeep heritage or the future? Leave your comments…. 


Impala SS Spotted

Trick 1964 Chevy Impala SS seen on the streets of Roanoke TX today. Red paint, white interior, and modern wheel / tire combo makes this SS a real eye catcher. My Pop had one of these in yellow with black interior when I was a kid. The rear speaker built into the rear seat on these cars was a neat feature for those days. Typical was small block Chevy and TurboGlide auto or 4-speed manual. 


Road Signs

Last weekend while on return from Oklahoma to Texas, this vintage iron was spotted traveling south on Interstate 35 toward DFW. It appears to be a 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS 2-door Convertible  and its exterior is in fair shape. It seems there are lots of Texans “harvesting” cool muscle cars from the states to the north and bringing them back to where more of the population can enjoy them. My pop had 1964 and 1965 Impala SS 2-door Coupes (yellow and white respectively) back in the days when you could come out OK trading up for a new ride every year at the local dealer…don’t try this today! 


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Saved by a Gearhead!

Traveling back to DFW TX today from visiting the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK over the weekend and passed this trailored 1974 Plymouth Duster. Some lucky Cajun picked up this “find” in Oklahoma and is apparently taking it to Lousiana (see Ram license plate) for resuscitation…lucky guy!!!


‘Lil Red Express Truck

North Richland Hills, TX – Just cruising down the boulevard returning from a mailing at the local PO when this 1979 Dodge LRE truck was spotted. A quick pull into the shop found the owner who had built this project with his recently deceased father-in-law. He understandably would not sell it as it has sentimental value. Owner has the numbers matching 360 engine and trans stored safely in the garage while a stroked small block Mopar 408 currently resides under the hood. Original paint and wood bed were in pretty good shape for a 35 year old truck. This truck reminded that I once had a 1978 True Spirit truck which was similar to this LRE truck without the stacked pipe flash (True Spirit aka Warlock in areas outside the SoCal region). Regrettably the True Spirit was sold for a more family friendly Nissan Hard Body truck in 1986 which had rear jump seats (for kids) and a much needed A/C system (which the True Spirit did not have). Someday, I want a ‘Lil Red Express Truck!!!

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Hot Rod Collection of Cars

Hot_RodCheck out this video of Hot Rod Magazine feature cars ALL under one building! You won’t be able to see a collection of hot rods like these anywhere else…worth the 11 minute watch!  Click link:

Hot Rod Collection Feature Cars

GM Detroit Heritage Center Reveal

GM_HERITAGE_CENTERSee inside the GM Heritage Center by viewing this video.  This is a rare look inside GM at its collection of first run and collectible vehicles:

GM Heritage Center



Rare Find – Vintage Cars For Sale

vintage cars

Nebraska – This article was graciously forwarded by the family clan in SoCal – thanks!  Stories of finding rare muscle and collector cars on some old farm in the Midwest or South have always been exciting and disappointing at the same time.  More often that not, these stories do not pan out and are nothing more than local lore.  But, occasionally a true find does occur and it makes us all think about the times we DID NOT stop to check out an old barn or that rusty hulk sitting in the weeds on the north forty.  This story is a hybrid event – the locals knew this Nebraska car dealer was rat packing cars over the years but no one could imagine the museum of collectibles he left for those with lots of green paper to enjoy.

Details of this rare find can be read in this link:


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