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Modern Day Lil’ Red Express

Okay.  Opinion time.  What are your impressions regarding this modern day version of the timeless Lil’ Red Express Dodge truck?  Where’s the step side, the wood bed and sidings, and the highly visible exhaust stacks?  Post your thoughts…Comparison Lil Red Express

De Soto Spotted at ACE

De Soto Exterior

Sometimes seemingly bad things can turn into good.  Take today for instance.  I was working a den ceiling drywall repair job at home with the final step to re-texture the repaired areas.  With an eye on cheap, I happened to spot a can of Homax texture while shopping at Walmart.  I’ve used this same brand in the past for these types of repair and the price was $4 lower than the hardware stores.  In the back of my mind I did take note that the can was a different color but moved forward with the purchase anyway. Unfortunately, my concerns played out as the stuff went on like garbage and made complete crap of my repairs.  After damage control, I headed to the local ACE hardware store to buy my usual.  This new stuff worked exactly as expected and was Homax brand albeit in a different can.  You read between the lines – thanks Walmart.  Now the good part…

De Soto Interior

While at ACE I spotted what appeared to be an all original De Soto in the parking lot!  I managed to snap these photos before it drove away.

Does anyone know what model year this thing is?  If so, please Reply.


2014 Corvette – Enemy of the Same

The New 2014 Chevrolet Corvette…I love the look, advanced engineering (design, materials, specs), promos, and catchy new tag line (“Enemy of the Same”…my interpretation is Continuous Improvement not just Change for Change’s Sake).  Check out this link and make sure to click around to all the cool videos…there are many to see if you play on the site until you get the hang of the web layout & navigation:

2014 Corvette Stingray

OK, Mopar…it’s your turn to crank up the Viper to beat this thang!

Helms Bakery Truck

Keller, TX – I was discussing how I loved the Helms Bakery Truck when I was a kid growing up in Baldwin Park (SoCal) with Brian and Jason this past week…and, without searching this photo came to my attention.  Enjoy and post if you watched for this truck every day as a kid!

Hot Rods and Horses

Fort Worth, TX – Where else can you find hot rod T-buckets, muscle cars/trucks, and horses co-existing on the same street!  This is the Stockyards area of Fort Worth…

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