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Rapid Transit Tour

Taking a little vaca in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and while parking my ole ride and hunting for some good eats at the famous Applewood Farmhouse, ran into an Elephant herd of Mopars. Many had Hemi’s both old and new with a smattering of big block RB and small block LA mills. What’s really amazing is that this group of like-minded Mopar lovers hailing from around the country joined together to hit the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals in PA earlier this month then hauled off together for an impromptu cross-country tour. Some from New York, others from New Jersey, and even those as far away as Montana. The chase vehicle driver from the Mopar Maniacs Car Club informed that the group named their excursion the “Rapid Transit Tour” (see their custom designed window sticker). Super cool was one of the cars was driven by an 80 year old guy who loved his Hemi particularly when it was out on the open road cruisin’.

And yes, these classic cars can still be driven reliably across the countryside running side by side with their cousin late model iron!


My First Painting


It seems ridiculous to wait until your 50’s to attempt your first painting. So, that’s what I did!

And of course it was a painting of a 50’s car…don’t ask the make and model as it’s just a generic for a geriatric to hone his painting skills (or in this case, the lack thereof!). 

Happy Hemi Day T-Shirt

Hemi TShirt

Hemi Photo


Sunday is 4-26 or Happy Hemi Day…order this T-shirt from Mancini Racing so you can celebrate in style!

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Attention Gamers! Toyota Reveals FT-1 Sports Concepts

The Toyota FT-1…revealed in early 2014 as one of the most radical concept sports cars in recent memory has recently trumped itself with a second FT-1 sporting an all-new grapToyota FT1 Concept Carhite paint job and leather interior. This latest concept car helps Toyota lay the ground work for release of an even more extreme FT-1 that according to Toyota “exists in virtual form only (as) the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo. Both the graphite FT-1 concept car and the FT-1 Vision GT will be available next month to race in Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. The Vision GT is an ultra high performance race car that imagines what the FT-1 could do if it were purposed for all-out track warfare. Like previous Vision Gran Turismo cars from other auto marques, the FT-1 Vision GT also shows how much fun car design can be when restrictions like financial constraints and real-world practicality are completely lifted” meaning that without the bean counters, car manufacturers would design and produce some pretty cool sports cars (albeit would likely not make any money)!

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Great California Street Rod Civil War

heritage_brizio_butter_fmtAs a bit of hot rod history, it is sometimes fun to reflect on the triumphs and disappointments of the industries’ pioneers. The rivalries among various hot rod designers, builders, and shops seemed to come to a head in the early ’70’s with a showdown between the big name shops of Northern California versus Southern California. To find out who won this classic war between NoCal and SoCal, read the attached articles.  The first link is the story written up by SEMA and the second is a career recap by Hot Rod magazine of the “winner” aka “the Rodfather“.  You will have to read to find out which side won!

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Weird Al and 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

Somehow I don’t think it was this 64-plymouth-belvederered 1964 426 Max Wedge Cross Ram Belvedere that Weird Al was referencing in his song about “Belvedere Cruising” (lyrics below). If it was, he would not have been afraid to brag or match wits with the cars he encountered at the stop light!  And, he would not have been worried about too many traffic laws with his foot to the medal with the big 426…the cops simply would not have been able to catch him! Still, there is something nostalgic and comforting about dreaming of the good ol’ days cruisin’ the streets of SoCal in a green (barf) or black Belvedere…




The 707 HP Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: The World’s Most Powerful Sedan

2015 Dodge ChargerDodge Challenger Hellcat SRT with 707HP too hard a sell to the spouse?  Does the need for a “family car” outweigh the crave for a 2-door Challenger with tons of HP? Then, you are in luck!  You can now buy a 4-door sedan with 707HP…the Dodge Charger. That’s right…it’s a family car with plenty of room to load the groceries and car seats in the back.

Now, what’s your excuse?

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2015 Dodge Challenger Line Up


Who cars about the 2015 Challenger “line up” prices?  All that matters is the Challenger Hellcat SRT model…707HP!  Do we need to say anything else?

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Vintage Car Consumer Price Index

Ever hear someone say “I should have kept my first car” or “I used to have a cool muscle car”. But they didn’t and they don’t. Sometimes its best to listen to wise counsel like older brothers telling us as teenagers to hold onto your first car no matter what. Well, for those that did vintage car prices seem to be soaring again. To Super Beeput it all in perspective, read the attached article that adjusts original car price for inflation to today’s auction prices…it’s mind boggling. But, it also meaningless for those of us who have held onto that first car and would never sell it…at any price!

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Spy Shots—2016 Chevy Camaro

From SEMA a story about the new 2016 Chevy Camaro.  The silhouette suggests the new Camaro might be based on the Cadillac ATS platform…way cool for the Chevy fans!

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2016 Camaro Spy Shot


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