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Hurst Drag Cars

Who remembers the Hurst drag cars of the ’60’s and ’70’s? This is a classic ‘Cuda wheelie…these guys understood where to place their logos and decals long before NASCAR discovered product placement stickers on brakes, roll bars, helmets, dashes, etc for all the in-car cameras…

Cuda Wheelie

‘Cuda vs Camaro – The Troz Captures a Classic Duel

Who do you think will win?  The “Troz” is the man behind the CARtoons Magazine…way cool dude!  My wife got me one of his “How to Draw” books for Father’s Day and he not only personally signed it with a message to me but made a custom sketch on the title page.

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Drag Cuda Camaro Toon - The Troz

Concept Charger

OK Mopar fans…any thoughts or comments on this concept for a new Charger? Note the 2-door and the R/T stripes…

Charger Concept

Foose Does Charity


I love seeing famous hot rod designer Chip Foose giving back through various charity events like the Riverside Show N Go and now with a design for the WD40 Ford truck charity giveaway – Chip’s concept sketch is shown.  Students from the Alex Zydias design center collaborated with many industry greats to build the 2013 WD40 Ford F-150 Lariat to raise money for SEMA Cares charity efforts (SEMA is the specialty equipment manufacturers association).  Great job folks!

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Fixing Bonneville Salt Flats


If you have never been there, it may be hard to fully appreciate the historical landmark in Wendover, Utah called Bonneville Salt Flats.  The Flats have been good to me as in my youth I was privileged to spend time there during two annual Speed Weeks events racing over the salt.  Sadly, the salt is disappearing from the landscape but several groups have come together in an attempt to restore the salt surface.  This may not sound like a worthwhile effort to some but once this treasure is gone, it will never come back.  Kudos to all involved in saving the salt!

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Hot Rodding: Alive and Well!

The hot rHot_Rod_Truckodding hobby (or sport or market) has never been stronger says SEMA, the non-profit organization that serves its Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Association members with tech, market, trend, and other pertinent industry information while playing host to the annual SEMA trade show in Las Vegas each November. As classic and muscle car iron disappears from the American landscape, more and more folks are trying to grab onto, restore, and modify a piece of our glorious automotive past. A past where cars were fun, fast, risky, and uniquely styled so you could tell them apart.  A past where teenage kids couldn’t wait to get their driver’s license and hot rod the old man’s car (and go to the local drive-in).  A past where terms like chopped, lowered, louvered, shaved, and channeled meant making your ride custom to you and your style (kinda of like tattoos and hair styles are to our bodies today).  A past that many people today are trying to pass on to our next generation by holding local car shows (please support them) and teaching the younger folks about their automobile heritage.  ‘Nuff said.  Read the article and learn more about an industry that is still doing well in this challenged economy…

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Leno Reveal: Jay’s Top 10 Mustangs

jay lenoIn celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang this year, Jay Leno was asked to list his top 10 favorite Ponies. View the attached video to hear all about them…and dream on!

Click for Jay Leno Top 10 Mustang Picks Video


Supersonic Vehicle!!!

Bloodhound Supersonic VehicleWatch for the Bloodhound land sped record team to up the ante in 2015 and 2016 for top level land speed records around the world with an attempt to break the sound barrier at greater than Mach 1 (768mph)!  In fact, the new design spec is structured to attempt speeds of 1000mph or more…this is not your dad’s Buick but the stuff heroes and legends are made of! Remember the name – Andy Green…

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What? No Flying Cars?

Flying DeloreanCame across this great article from the NYTimes about how little we know about the force of gravity.  Unlike our “mastery” of electromagnetism which we have used to create cell phones and LCD TVs, we haven’t scratched the surface in our understanding of gravitational forces.  So, flying cars are a long way off in the future…unless you drive one off a cliff of course!

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Clear Mustang Taillights?


Mustang_eurolensThese spy photos posted by SEMA for the 2015 Euro Mustang taillights actually look very attractive…Ford should consider offering them in the US!

For More Click: SEMA Spy Hots 2015 Mustang




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