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More On Formula E Racing from SAE

Get ready! The inaugural season of Formula E starts in Beijing on September 13, 2014.  The first season includes ten rounds of races with two to be held in the USA (Long Beach and Miami).  To learn more about Formula E, check out the two links below.  One is from SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and from the new FIA Formula E web site.  Do your homework and tune in to see what an all-electric Formula race car can do!

formula e calendar

Click Here to Read More About Formula E from SAE

Click Here to Go to FIA Formula E Web Site


Formula E Race Cars

Formula EOK hard core race fans.  Wrap your head around this new series: Formula E.  That’s right, an open wheel race car series powered by (drum roll)…a battery.  As with ICE (internal combustion engines), the fastest way to gain public acceptance of a new technology like fuel injection over carburetor, turbo charger over naturally aspirated, V6 over V8, etc is to showcase the new technology in racing.  As has been proven numerous times in the past, the use of new technology in racing leads to public acceptance in production vehicles.  So, move over Prius, Volt, Spark, and all you other econo box electric cars – high performance e-cars are coming to town.  We need more than just a high buck Tesla sports e-car to represent this class…we need a Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang type, affordably priced sports e-car and the popularity (hopefully) of the new Formula E series should help the working man get in on the e-car hot rod action in the future.  Formula E is meant to get us all to think outside the box!

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Electric Powered Streamliner for Bonneville

Bullet-over-BonnevilleAs a Bonneville Salt Flats I/PRO class land speed record (LSR) holder set 25 years ago and still standing, I can’t help but scream “kudos” to student engineering team at THE Ohio State University!  Having already set the LSR in their class at Bonneville for an electric powered streamliner vehicle, these kids are embarking on a project to smash the 400mph barrier (over 3 times the I/PRO record) and to establish their ride as THE undisputed FASTEST electric vehicle on earth.  It’s awesome to see they were able to land corporate sponsors for this project and to know that these kids will be in VERY high demand when they graduate being among the few elite engineers who have understood and used advanced electric vehicle technology.  If Tesla, GM, or Ford have not come calling on these team members yet they are missing a BIG opportunity!  Good luck Buckeyes!

Read More on Ohio State Bonneville Streamliner


3 Days, 1 Mile, No speed Limits!

Texas MileWhat would you do if you could take your modern or muscle car, truck, or motorcycle to a track where THERE IS NO SPEED LIMIT?

Three days of speed on a one mile straight line course in Texas…sounds nuts!  I have to check this one out – it’s giving me flashbacks to my Bonneville Salt Flats days in Wendover, Utah!

Texas Mile

Ever Wonder Who Invented Drag Racing?

AMC garage cartoonNice history piece on drag racing origins from Rod & Custom Magazine…click link below and enjoy!

Drag Racing History

Artwork from George Trosley (the “Troz”) of CARtoon Magazine fame…learn more about him:

George Trosley – Artist


Cadillac Racing

Cadillac Racing 2

Sweet video on Cadillac Racing Team successes beating out other luxury imports for wins and championships!

Cadillac Racing Video


Formula SAE Racing

UTA Racing

If you are into to open wheel racing then you will definitely enjoy attending the next SAE meeting at UT Arlington, Texas.  This is one of the best opportunities to learn what many of the area teams are designing for this year’s competition and to get an overall feel for the advancements occurring in Formula SAE. Details are:

September 19, 2013 – UTA Formula SAE Presentation
6:00P – 8:00P

UTA Formula SAE Presentation and Tour

Topic — UTA Formula SAE Presentation and Tour – Dr. Bob Woods
For over 30 years, UTA’s Formula SAE program has been at the forefront of
racecar engineering design and innovation.  UTA Racing is currently ranked
the #1 Formula SAE team in the United States and #4 in the world. Each
year, a team of volunteer students design, builds, and races a
formula-style racecar from scratch. The team competes in Formula SAE
competitions across the world, and in national Sports Car Club of America
events. The UTA Racing Team has won 8 championships in the United States
and 3 international championships in England, Australia, and Japan.

There will be dinner provided prior to a 1-hour technical presentation and
PDH certificates will be available at the meeting.


University of Texas—Arlington
A.E. Petsche Center for Automotive Engineering
Woolf Hall—Room 100

Lap Around Detroit

Cadillac Racing

Way cool video of Cadillac CTS taking a lap around Detroit track.  If you haven’t witnessed a Grand Am race in person you must add it to your bucket list.  It is the most entertaining spectator racing series I’ve ever seen.  For more Grand Am,  search for COTA elsewhere on this site.  Click this link to the Caddy Racing site and watch the video: Cadillac Racing Detroit



Bullet over Bonneville

Having an affection for all things Bonneville speed weeks (click Southern Calif Timing Assocation Bonneville Nationals for more details), this article on engineering students at THE Ohio State University (OSU) attempting to break the 400mph land speed record with an ELECTRIC powered Streamliner is way cool!  To add to their credibility, they have used this Streamliner to set other land speed records with various propulsion systems in the past.  My bet is that they meet their goal with this project….

See ASME article by clicking here:
Bullet over Bonneville – 

COTA Grand Am Race 2013

COTA Austin Texas

Austin, TX – Awesome racing at the new road course in Austin at “Circuit of the Americas” or COTA.  Last year they had a F1 race there and it was a great success.  This event was Grand Am…I was very impressed with the various classes of race cars (from modified stock to factory prototypes) and the COTA facilities which are FIRST CLASS.  Watching several classes race TOGETHER on the track at the same time makes for some VERY interesting passes in traffic…this whole event reminds of what NASCAR used to beexciting!  Take a look at these pics and download some for your desktop background:

COTA Grand Am

PS:  COTA is located on a new tollway…speed limit is 80 MPH!!!

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