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WITTENSTEIN Galaxie Drive System

Ok, gearheads! This new gear drive is worth checking out as someday it could be applied to performance and racing vehicles for better torque transfer to the drive wheels…

WITTENSTEIN Galaxie Drive System – a new generation of gearhead combined with an innovative high speed motor and Industry 4.0 connectivity

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Gigafactory – Tesla’s Battery Factory in the US?

Manufacturing in the US?  Haven’t we been told it is no longer feasible to “make stuff” in the US due to greedy union wages, high property taxes, environmental protection laws, untrained workforce in high-tech, and deteriorating national transportation infrastructure? Well, don’t tell Tesla who has built an assembly plant in the US (Fremont CA – some would say “old news” as most foreign car manufacturers have proven they can profitably assemble cars in the US with foreign supplied parts) who has decided to build one of its major vehicle components in the US – the lithium battery. Several states are in the running for this new plant which promises to create hundreds of jobs not only supplying high-tech batteries for Tesla’s own use in their vehicles but to other car manufacturers through key supply agreements. This plant will be a BIG deal for whichever state can land it. Tesla is looking at sites in either Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas with California running a distant fifth for its regulatory red tape and business unfriendly atmosphere. Currently, the lead apparently belongs to Texas with Tesla considering a plant near Dallas, for a clean sweep of CEO/founder Elon Musk’s new projects (Space X and Lithium batteries).  Pay attention, this resurgence in US factories could lead to non-retail / food service jobs for your kids in the future…


Tesla Waiting-for-the-Gigafactory_03


Waiting for the Gigafactory – ASME.


Toyota Gambles on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Coming soon (estimated April 2015) is Toyota’s next step into the world of alternative fuel vehicles.  This time and according to Toyota’s internet site, “it is a vehicle equipped with a “Fuel Cell” that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to power the motor driving the vehicle. Hydrogen, which replaces gasoline as fuel, is an environment-friendly energy source…”. While this type of cell is most toytoa fcv_step3likely the best long-term solution to alternative fuel vehicles (as of now, the cheapest raw materials and conversion process once hardware prices come down through production volumes and technology advances; and, reduced heat over internal combustion engines while spewing only a trickle of water as exhaust), it will be interesting how the “big T” will overcome public perception that hydrogen in currently synonymous with the H-bomb! Do you want to sit on this while you drive?

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Solar Electric Vehicle “eVe” Breaks Record

Students from the University of New South Wales designed and built a solar car that broke records in 2011.  With their latest design, they set another world solar car speed record on July 23, 2014 averaging 60+ mph over 310 miles (500 km) on a single battery charge!  Watch out Tesla, your competition may be coming from Wales!

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More On Formula E Racing from SAE

Get ready! The inaugural season of Formula E starts in Beijing on September 13, 2014.  The first season includes ten rounds of races with two to be held in the USA (Long Beach and Miami).  To learn more about Formula E, check out the two links below.  One is from SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and from the new FIA Formula E web site.  Do your homework and tune in to see what an all-electric Formula race car can do!

formula e calendar

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Electric Cars Will Drive Home Power Plant Adoption

nissanleaf-chargingAs more and more of us drivers buy into electric cars to save money on commuting in the future, forecasts predict we will charge these e-cars “off peak” during the night at our homes, add solar power to our homes to add power to the grid, and generally be pleased with ourselves for saving a few more dinosaurs (fossil fuels) in exchange for non-Southern California based earthquakes (from fracking – the process of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract gas.). Most of us can’t wait (not)…unless a hot rod e-car is on the horizon!

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2014 Cadillac CTS-V Engine

Check out this clip from the Cadillac web site touting the 2014 Cadillac CTS-V engine…this would make a sweet power plant in an early 2000’s Trans Am WS6, Camaro, or even a vintage hot rod:

The world’s fastest family of production cars maintains its title with this sedan that features a 556 HP V8 engine that moves it from 0–60 in a blistering 3.9 seconds. High-performance, oversized Brembo® brakes provide the V-Sedan with massive stopping power. The driver-focused interior delivers unwavering control of the sedan’s stunning power.

A 6.2L supercharged V8 engine with 556 HP and 551 ft-lbs of torque…”supercharger incorporates a twin 4-lobe rotor design that enhances quietness while optimizing performance”. Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, whatever…its over 500 HP that all that matters!




Formula E Race Cars

Formula EOK hard core race fans.  Wrap your head around this new series: Formula E.  That’s right, an open wheel race car series powered by (drum roll)…a battery.  As with ICE (internal combustion engines), the fastest way to gain public acceptance of a new technology like fuel injection over carburetor, turbo charger over naturally aspirated, V6 over V8, etc is to showcase the new technology in racing.  As has been proven numerous times in the past, the use of new technology in racing leads to public acceptance in production vehicles.  So, move over Prius, Volt, Spark, and all you other econo box electric cars – high performance e-cars are coming to town.  We need more than just a high buck Tesla sports e-car to represent this class…we need a Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang type, affordably priced sports e-car and the popularity (hopefully) of the new Formula E series should help the working man get in on the e-car hot rod action in the future.  Formula E is meant to get us all to think outside the box!

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Daimler’s Self-Driving Trucks

daimler-future-truckNot to be outdone by the auto makers pursuing driverless (self-guided) cars, Daimler Truck recently demonstrated a self-guided truck on the German Autobahn.  This might actually be an improvement for US interstates as we have all had our share of scares with sleepy truck drivers weaving into our lanes and nearly driving us off the road!  I’m beginning to think of self-guided vehicles as “enhanced cruise control” with a computer that for the most part can react quicker and think faster than humans once a viable system comes to market.

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Green Fuel Wars

hydrogen-carThis linked article parallels the corporate strategies behind the looming “green wars” to the old days of Betamax vs VHS video tapes.  Once we hitched our horse (or dollars) to a particular fuel approach by buying our new green vehicle, we are at the mercy of the market to agree with our choice and drive demand for re-fueling stations that support our chosen technology.  Personally, I would like to see more R&D money spent on hydrogen fuel cells…can you imagine our classic and muscle cars pumping out gobs of horsepower but creating little or no adverse pollution?  Sounds like a new market segment for the hot rod industry to develop…retrofit kits to fuel our gas guzzlers with the winning “green” technology.

Will this happen soon?

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