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Get Ready – Driverless Cars Are Near

driverless vehicleLike it or not, driverless (self-guided) cars are coming soon! They are predicted to be common by 2020 and the majority by 2040 (what, no more V8 powered Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Chargers, and Challengers?). Hmm, do your make-up, text message, or sleep on the commute to work in the comfort of your new highly networked “cloud” controlled vehicle…well, at least the cloud control part would be new!

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Electric Powered Streamliner for Bonneville

Bullet-over-BonnevilleAs a Bonneville Salt Flats I/PRO class land speed record (LSR) holder set 25 years ago and still standing, I can’t help but scream “kudos” to student engineering team at THE Ohio State University!  Having already set the LSR in their class at Bonneville for an electric powered streamliner vehicle, these kids are embarking on a project to smash the 400mph barrier (over 3 times the I/PRO record) and to establish their ride as THE undisputed FASTEST electric vehicle on earth.  It’s awesome to see they were able to land corporate sponsors for this project and to know that these kids will be in VERY high demand when they graduate being among the few elite engineers who have understood and used advanced electric vehicle technology.  If Tesla, GM, or Ford have not come calling on these team members yet they are missing a BIG opportunity!  Good luck Buckeyes!

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Samsung Smart Bike vs Google Driverless Car

samsung bikeNot to be outdone by the simple idea of SELF-GUIDED cars being developed by Google, Samsung has tackled the much more difficult task of developing “smart bike” technology for those folks who don’t want (or can’t) drive a car to work or shop (the Chinese or who?)…linked to your cellphone, guided by lasers, and equipped with GPS (so you don’t get lost riding to school?), this technology is guaranteed to take the thrill out of riding our bikes on the local suburban sidewalks and trails.  What’s next, self-guided lawnmowers (hmm, I want one!)?

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Tesla Open Patents on Their Electric Vehicle Tech


In case you didn’t realize, your tax dollars have pumped billions into the Tesla and Fisker car manufacturing companies in order to advance the state of the art in feasible electric vehicles.  Fisker has lost it all but Tesla used the bucks wisely and has successfully launched profitable vehicles (albeit high end cars – cheaper versions are in the works).  Now, Tesla is sharing their electric technology with other car manufacturers.  While this seems magnanimous and in the best interest of the world’s environment (supposedly), how do you feel about our dollars ending up in foreign company hands?  Shouldn’t the technology be SOLD to other interested parties or at least used under a royalty agreement so that the proceeds could go back in our government coffers?  Perhaps this is a sort of “Google ploy” where Tesla technology gets embedded in other cars so that they MUST BUY their batteries from Tesla’s future new battery US plant (in planning stages now)…comments anyone?

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Supersonic Vehicle!!!

Bloodhound Supersonic VehicleWatch for the Bloodhound land sped record team to up the ante in 2015 and 2016 for top level land speed records around the world with an attempt to break the sound barrier at greater than Mach 1 (768mph)!  In fact, the new design spec is structured to attempt speeds of 1000mph or more…this is not your dad’s Buick but the stuff heroes and legends are made of! Remember the name – Andy Green…

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New A/C Design for Your Car?

Current AC system

Current Automotive A/C System

A college engineering student recently came up with a new automotive A/C system design concept that is both  innovative and environmentally friendly.  It uses the engine exhaust system waste heat (not the spent gases) to replace the traditional A/C compressor (shown in diagram left) that operates on ozone eating refrigerants…great idea, would love to see this come to market some day soon!

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Google Plans Production of Autonomous Car


Like it or not, the future is fast coming at us!  The next logical step in personal transportation is poised for production as Google makes plans to manufacture a self-guided vehicle sans steering wheel and pedals according to Forbes!  Google has been testing self-guided vehicle technology in California for years and has even been called upon to help write legislation that will govern autonomous vehicle operation and safety in the future.  Ever wonder why millions of us are helping Google Maps become more accurate each time we use it?  We have been setting the groundwork for this next new advancement in vehicle control and Google aims to take advantage of the enormous data banks they have accumulated for every inch of road in America.  Detroit needs to get in this game in a big way or Google will dominate this new space quickly…

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2015 Dodge Challenger SRT® HEMI® Hellcat – The Most Powerful Muscle Car in Chrysler History

The Hellcat HEMI

The Hellcat HEMI

In case you haven’t seen or heard, Chrysler has unveiled the MOST POWERFUL muscle car they have ever offered…the 2015 Challenger with the HEMI Hellcat option.  With over 600+HP from a supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI and available 6-speed Tremec manual tranny (or 8-speed auto for wimps), this car is a real tribute to this year’s 50th anniversary of the HEMI engine.  This car is chock full of wild and crazy performance and creature comfort features as well as some pretty exciting tech advancements for a production car – way too many to list here.  So, check it out at this link and DREAM ON!

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Color Changing Paramagnetic Paint

Jeep PaintThis is a true game changer if the inventors can get this funded and out of prototype stage…I would love to cruise my muscle down the road and then click my remote to entirely change it’s body paint color in an instant! Lemon Twist to Plum Crazy anyone?

On the down side, it might make it hard to track down crime perpetrators escaping in their cars or trucks!

Color Changing Paint

Get “Amped”!!


Tired of dim lights at idle?  Can’t power all your modern accessories (phone chargers, stereo amplifiers, A/C blowers, electric radiator fans, etc) with “ye ole” stock alternator setup?  Then, check out this article on the state of the art in modern RETROFIT alternators that can provide up to 200 amps versus vintage 45 to 60 amp versions…

Modern Alternators for Classic Cars


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